baba echu

por favor, bendiga a mi amiga atlanta.
she's got a ways to go. let her have a safe trip & return.


i hate funerals

part #54890.

i don't like the fact that i have to bury another loved one.
it's really hard for me to sit through church services as it is -- i've never been one to sit for hours on end while being preached to -- & staring at a casket is just no shit i'm ever gonna be comfortable doing. i'm typically annoyed at funerals, because they never seem to be for or about the decedent. i can't stand it. i don't know what i'd prefer instead. i just . . . hate the viewings & parading past the corpse. i hate the whole process, really. i don't know of an alternative. i only know that the ceremony of a funeral does nothing to ease my grief. & the more i think about it, the less i sense that it eases anyone's grief at all. it's not that i have a solution to the problem. grief can last you for the rest of your life.
i'm just sayin
i'd rather not get dressed up to have the last visual memory i have of someone be that someone in a casket, looking like a contorted, waxy version of themselves. i'd rather not watch ppl say their last goodbyes -- i've always felt that was entirely too personal. i don't need to see anyone kissing their parent goodbye. it's not for me.

& i don't know what i'll do when it comes time to bury my mother or grandfather. i'll have to cross that bridge when i get to it.

for now, i've got to get ready to say peace to monae.


gratitude #4:

ginger juice





the winds of change

donny hathaway

epsom salt

dental insurance

2 for $5 flip flops

blk sharpies

fresh cucumbers

paule marshall


full moons

west philly on a warm day

fat babies

braeburn apples

jasmine incense

daffy's layaway


j. jewels

mclean's fabric store

good weed

serendipitous meetings


reading terminal market

kisses from my favorite baby


antibalas afrobeat orchestra

around the way dudes w/ around the world aspirations

cutty (see gratitude #1)



random walks


all day, every day, i'm thankful.
even when i'm asking for something, i'm thankful for what i've got. my life is pretty sweet.


yes, it is too early for ignorant youtube clips.

is that actually going to stop me? nope. look at this & tell me he isn't on the same level as everyone's favorite, samwell. i blame reh dogg. this doesn't even get the 'black folk' tag. no way.