release is so key.

i'm tired of looking around me and seeing ppl who're eaten up by their very strong desire to be creative. they want to be better ppl through their art but deny it all day every day. so then you have these attitudinal motherfuckers who hate you because of the dumbest shit . . . all because nobody ever showed them where to draw if not on the walls in the family room. that's some bullshit.

you know what?

i want everyone over age 25 to go get some finger paints or shrinky dinks or a coloring book & the big crayola 64 pack . . . & get down to it. make a mess without worrying about what the next moment will bring. make a collage. strip and stain some furniture. make a snowflake. do something.

satiate that inner child's desire

& see if you don't get better at every fucking thing else.

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creatrix said...

amen & hallelujah...

i find that i HAVE to do that shit every so often. lol.