i thought about it long and hard today.

i'd like to say that i extended myself to you. i'd like to say that i broke my neck to give you the part of me that i know you should have, by virtue of the nature of our relationship. alas, i cannot; i feel that there's nothing to say for either of us. there is nothing i feel, no sentiment other than the one i can categorize as overall uncaring. blankness.
it's as simple as not knowing how to respond to the inaction and well-demonstrated apathy of someone whom i expected to do/ be/ act better.

this post is a placeholder until i can finish (or re-write) what i wanna put here. it's about two ppl whose behaviors have really done a lot to change the way i think & feel about my connectedness to ppl around me.

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PretaMulatta said...


because sometimes, a hug from a friend is all u can give. words dont work all the time...