i really, really want

some fuck me pumps.

i'm not joking. considering the fact that at age 27 i really don't have the whole walking-in-high-heels thing down, it'll be interesting when i find a pair of such shoes. cuz i'll have to practice in them. a lot. sober. & never walk anywhere in them when i'm not 100%. it'll take goo gobs of concentration. this will be interesting.

once i find a pair, of course, there will be photos. ;)


Dark Daughta said...

I started really late, after I discovered being a queer femme girl. THen I went absolutely mad for fuck me heels. It was fun towering over all the butchy wimmin I knew and lusted after. :) I've been saying goodbye to them of late as I can't really justify breaking my leg or ankle with children to take care of. :)

P.S., I have a post I wrote today about female genital circumcision that I'm wondering if you'd like to come look at.

sparkle said...

i'm reading it for, like, the 3rd time as i wait for this clay mask to dry.

there's a lot going on here. lol.

it's gonna take me a hot second to digest it all. i'll comment when i really have formulated my thoughts. thanks for putting me on to that post; i definitely need mental exercise of that nature.

omi said...

i don't remember not being able to walk in heels, but given that i hardly ever wear 'em you'd think i couldn't. lol.

i have some f-me sandals i LOVE, but don't go out enough to really wear properly...

workin on the pumps. i coulda had some but i went & got broke. *pout*

Dark Daughta said...