something's come to my attention as of late:

when it comes to dating, i'm the fault-findingest motherfucker ever.

i'm gonna relax that shit & go dig for records with this cat, maybe over this here long weekend. it cannot possibly hurt me to go crate digging with someone. it can't, unless that person is an axe murderer, suicide bomber, or otherwise out-of-control crazy kind of individual.

it can't hurt.


. said...

*being nosey*


creatrix said...

yeah 'cause you know, you could see someone you REALLY want across the aisle somewhere...

i'm just sayin. LOL.

PretaMulatta said...

ok. dating sucks.
date #2 consisted of ME buying the bottle of wine (mistake) and him insisting on having me up 2 his place instead of taking me out 4 a proper date & then flipping out when i wasnt about making out with him.

fuck all the rest. dating sucks.