get into this: links 05 january 2009

first, cara @ the curvature's series on yoko ono.
part 1
part 2
part 3

i haven't yet read the whole series, but i'm loving part 1 so far. cara also has generally outstanding feminist analyses of all kinds of stuff, & i really appreciate her writing.

next up: lauren @ faux real has an awesome chicken pot pie recipe! with a few tweaks, this could be adjusted to meet almost any dietary need. om nom nom.

my first exposure to "barack the magic negro," via karas @ postbourgie.

the latest from the ever hilarious boondocks bootleg team, on youtube: black jesus is the cure. (this shit is funny. if you don't laugh, i think something's wrong with you. period.)

omi drops yet another gem.

may these links fuel your thoughts & push you someplace new.


Unknown said...


It's two T's in Elliott tho.


Anonymous said...

the series on Yoko Ono was quite wonderful. very enlightening.

omi said...

damn @ the yoko piece. i always kinda wondered about that whole thing, but never cared enough about the beatles to look into it. lol.

*goes back to reading*

omi said...

wow...real talk:

What does it say about the levels of homophobia in this world where it’s easier for men to construct a story about an evil jealous woman, to make up stories about “work environments” and so on, than to openly admit that they love and want to spend time alone with their male friend? And what kind of mixed messages are these, where men can easily exist together in such a strong homosocial environment but not for a moment discuss their attachment? And what does it say about the levels of misogyny when living this way with your wife in such a homophobic world is treated as a significantly larger transgression?

As John suggests, the old boys club was acceptable so long as it went unspoken, but actually being friends with your wife was not. The vagina, as it so often does, made all the difference.