i am simply tired

of washing the blood from the hem of my skirt
not knowing whether it's yours or mine
hearing the blood curdling screams of my ancestors as they overlap with the gritos of souls aching for justice & peace.

may the ancestors welcome you, adolph grimes.
may justice be visited swiftly upon those who snatched you away from this realm.  iba ara t'orun.

(and, for good measure, fuck the police.)


bint alshamsa said...

I was born and raised in New Orleans. Over the years, I've seen this sort of stuff over and over again. During the hurricane, the police were robbing stores and breaking into houses and what does the news report? A bunch of folks in a grocery store trying to get food in order to survive.

Fuck NOPD, especially.

Renee said...

My heart hurt when I read about his death. 12 of the bullets entered his back. How do you shoot a man in the back just blocks from his grandmothers house. Fuck the police. They are about slaughtering and abusing POC not about protecting us.