links for the week of 18 january 2009

i'm etsy obsessed, so here's some of the things i've found that make me REALLY happy.

from flytie, the babygirl gathered dress, sweet azul dress, and pop life sweater.

from sew sew suck ur toe, the frida kahlo softie! also, the dia de los muertos softie is awesome.

from my close personal friend mariam at the hand of fatima: a badass lariat necklace, the primp and proper necklace, & roses for claudia earrings.

go check out l'elephant rose! there's going to be a sale on until the 20th, and all new stuff in the store on the 21st.

because i think renee at womanist musings is a freaking genius, i'm sharing her post about her moon time.

finally, a new post at the bliss project, called first things first. :)


Unknown said...

and it makes *ME* really happy that you included some of my dresses in your list!

thanks a lot! :-D

Sherisa of L'élephant Rose said...

YOU are friggin' AWESOME.
i have google to thank for this.

the end.

AJ said...

I really need to start checking out etsy more. That dia de los muertos plushie is amazing.

Hmmm, I should write something for the bliss project.

sparkle said...

yes, dammit, you SHOULD write something for the bliss project. it'd make me happy. and when i'm happy i'm less likely to rage homicidally.