if you remember

my replies to the discussion questions from wehavebrains.com, then it might interest you to know i'm planning on a series of essays for perusal. they'll probably be available on this blog within a few weeks' time; i have a lot to say on a slew of topics. the first topic will be trauma & human response to it, with at least 3 posts dedicated to it. i'm not tryna be anyone's psychoanalyst or anything like that, but a conversation i had w/ kenya the other day really made me think about how ppl carry trauma w/ them. this is just a mental exercise for me & maybe i'll parlay it into something bigger at another time. but for now i'm perfectly content to self-publish to the internet under a creative commons license & possibly assemble an anthology of some sort later w/ my responses to the whb discussion questions.

i forgot how much fun those discussions were, especially because i got to flex my nerdy muscle. it's high time i fully explored those concepts again, instead of keeping that kind of stuff to myself.

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