here i go again

hating work so much i'd rather be late than on time.

someone call bdp, i'm in self-destruct mode.

at least i get to vend this wknd.

i think.

i keep hearing raphael saadiq's "save us" in my head. only it's saaaaaaaaaaaaave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee instead.


my stomach & womb are both telling me they've had enough. impromptu fast days are the hardest. if you're a praying person, throw one up for me, will ya?

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PretaMulatta said...

the wisdom & strength i'm sending today: only u can change your life & NONE of your blessings come from a place u hate (that ding dang job).

take it from someone who is leaping & letting the net appear...

~sending one up 4 u~

and knowing if it's in your heart, u can do it.