i really wanna

learn portuguese

start dancing again

move into a bigger apartment -- soon

make these collages

go away for my birthday

better cultivate my plants

sing again

drop this 10 lbs

take a long, luxe bath made w/ my own products

get some more brass bangles & some copper ones too

dance oya

dream more vividly

remain a vegetarian

make weed brownies

live abroad for one summer

find a new job that better suits me

kick ass at scrabble on a regular basis

get some new bed linens

stop missing chicken

let go more easily & often

see tiombe lockhart, muhsinah, & georgia anne muldrow perform live

get more kisses from emerson

love as freely as i curse

buy a new sexy bitch dress

make better tostones, perfect my beans & rice, & make my own sangria

get some more sparkle in my life

keep my eyebrows done

kiss jason a few more times

see all of sweet sweetback

get chaka zuluon dvd

donate to creative commons

smoke one last djarum cherry

learn every word to andré's verse on the "walk it out " remix

walk better in heels

get my hands on some really fresh essential oil blends

love me more

see bilal perform live before the end of this year

feel the fear & do it anyway

forget that whole fiasco

excel in my studies this time around

go see oyin

go see omi

discover what the HELL they do to make the food so dope @ red bamboo

be initiated

get some more birkenstocks

listen to my ori more often

make delicious (w/ him)

own a djembe, a bata & a sekere

put my feet in sand on a beach where the water isn't some murky color

feel ghana

see bahia

live in london

keep a hiding place in mexico

be okay w/ where i am. all the time.

treat myself like i'm beautiful

take more pictures of things & ppl i love

hear my grandfather's story

marry the right one, the first time, if i do it at all

taste fresh açai

get a zune

do nyc for a whole summer

go back to chicago

visit san francisco

wake up & know that i don't have to leave the house to make my money

buy my great grandparents' house back, & never sell it

see the god/dess in me, all the time

love the span of my hips

appreciate the not-so-smallness of my hands

wear more dresses

fry some hush puppies

give peace a chance

do a real detox

make this money

live my life like it's golden

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creatrix said...

take this to 43 things, dammit. lol