i used to talk mad shit about my womb.

that was when i didn't eat right, didn't exercise as much as i could/ should have, & really believed i should blame eve for my cramps. i thought i couldn't change anything about the cramps, or the bloating . . . i felt as if i was relegated to suffering this body, this existence as a woman. it wasn't until i missed my period one day that i really thought about it. my body is trying to tell me everything's okay, nothing's abnormal. my eggs are doing what they ought to do . . . no need to get all hype. eat better. drink more water, relax more. don't give into every craving & don't stress over dumb shit.

easier said than done, but still.

every now & again i have a uterine uprising of major proportions

. . . but for the most part, my womb & i get along well.

if more of us were proactive instead of reactive about our health, perhaps we'd be happier. just a thought. i'm not sayin everyone has to have a womb party, or anything that they don't feel comfortable with. but i don't think there'd be as many complaints about what our wombs do if we treated ourselves better on the whole. but i may be ahead of myself, cuz some of us still blame eve.

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creatrix said...

eve was framed, man.


i need that bumper sticker...