is odunde.

i need the prayer, the reflection.
i need to go to the river w/ some honey, cinnamon sticks, & an orange for my girl oyin.
it's important that i talk to yeye & say thank you; asking for things is okay, but giving thanks is most important.

so that's what i'm about to do. i wrote this prayer the other day, which i sent to atlanta, omi, & oyin:

may the money we get our hands on, be money we can KEEP our hands on;
may the love that we direct towards others be ever magnified & reflected
upon us tenfold;
may even the roughest days give us sweet moments to appreciate & cherish;
& most importantly, may we always revel in the fact that we are conduits
of the energy of the most high oludumare.
let it be so.

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PretaMulatta said...

i want u 2 know, that i hacked into the system today JUST so i could find this, read it, INTERNALISE it and give thanks for this prayer.

and i shared it with a friend, so a deposit in the karma bank has been made 4 YOU.