it's the fuck hot outside.

(aka: the obligatory heat wave post)

so what if i have an air conditioner w/ a 2nd one on its way?
& who cares if i drink an obscene amount of water anyhow & am far from dehydration?

i don't like sweating unnecessarily. if i'm working out, fine. if i'm screwing, GREAT. but lying in bed? noooooo.

the good thing is that the weather has inspired me to do a bit of fasting. so this week it's no meat, no eggs, no cheese. mostly fruits and liquids. i had some hummus for dinner & a modified version of the pb & jam smoothie that i make... next time it'll be w/ unsweetened almond milk, no honey, and probably more pb for protein. but whatever. it kept me from gnawing my own arm off last night.

i already feel better.

except for the sweat.


tia said...

lol @ why must i cry?

i stayed at work for 10hrs yesterday under the central air. by the time i left it was cool enough to drive with the windows down. home is another story. i have ac but i'm too cheap to pay for it. you know that commercial where the husband re-adjusts the thermostat after his wife? that's me. pse&g is no joke.

PretaMulatta said...

come on, now girl! we are people who are descended from THEY who crossed the desert!!! u can do this heat!

just think. u're preparing 4 summer in brasil ;o)... winter in afrika!