oh, my damn.

samwell has a new video. awwwww, shit! i didn't even know! are you ready? are you? get ready, dulces, for "shoes r on fire." pepsi keep me near the cross!!! (that's an inside joke which i will explain at another time) i don't know how i missed this.

& if you don't actually know WHO samwell is or what the deal is w/ him, you have to begin at the beginning, with "what what (in the butt)". . . it's a classic! lol.

but wait.
i was fuckin around, tryna find some footage of jc chasez (i love that man's voice) & found this: dale goldboldo, jc, timberlake, & ryan mollyfockin GOSLING singing jodeci's "cry for you." they are even DRESSED like jodeci or shai or something.
jc i still love you, even if that was fully contrived.


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sugar rush said...

well at least the new samwell joint looks like a real video. lol.