somma y'all need

to hire your girl as a stylist.

see, i was online bustin it up w/ my good buddy fredara the great & she was like, "i gotta figure out what to wear to this wedding." so, being who i am, i asked her what color she wanted, & if she was into tea length dresses/ skirts.

next thing i know, i'm on anthropologie.com ogling this lil beauty.
then i decided that she needed some peacock feather accessories from j. jewels, a gold clutch & gold shoes. fortunately for me, that's just what fredara was thinking about.

but the point is, i think i could really pull the stylist thing off
not because i'm more fashionable than anyone else, or because i've got more swagger or anything like that.

but because i pay attention to folks. everyone likes to be accomodated. but let me not give away my secrets. cuz i'm tryna make some money while shopping for others.


tia said...

help me, son! i haven't found a gold clutch i'm willing to pay for and big enough to hold my camera and cell phone yet. but more importantly, i've been trying to find a shrug/cropped sweater/bolero/something to wear with a black dress i have. i want something metallic or sparkly (it's for a formal attire evening wedding) and i'm not coming up with anything.

oyadé said...

you have my gmail address, right? i need to know the size of your phone & camera, & also what color you want the bolero/ shrug to be. size? price limit? ross is the cheap shit mecca of the world, so i might come up on it during one of my lunchtime excursions... & when's the wedding? i don't wanna procrastinate on assisting you with your flyness. i anticipate that you'll be killin it in no time!

completely random addendum: iman has this book, the beauty of color, & there are so many fly makeup looks on brown women in there that I CAN'T STAND IT.

tia said...

i might need to get that book. i wonder if it's at the library. i'm doing the bridal party makeup for this wedding and it'd be great to have some new idears. idears! haha.