jonathan haagensen: the remix.

would you LOOK at that gloriousness? good god almighty. so what if i'm 3 years his senior? that doesn't matter. so what if i only know how to say "bom dia" to portuguese speakers without second guessing myself or thinking i sound crazy? he can teach me the same way nettie taught celie to read in the color purple -- w/ wax paper, crayons, & everyday household items. we can skip the whole oliver twist thing. i don't like that book. i'll read the alchemist or veronika decides to die instead. yup.

(if you've never seen city of god, you lose. go see it. dig him as cabeleira ('shaggy') & understand the gorgeousness.)

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PretaMulatta said...

yeah... u're gonna need a trip 2 brasil come december. the sheer yumminess that awaits u on the beach is gonna blow your mind.

imagine, as many of them as your eye can contain, all over the beach, sunga-clad (that's a speedo, and if u ever THOUGHT they werent sexy, get ready 2 eat your words), and chisled, just because of their lifestyle... not even a gym could create bodies like that...

OK ENOUGH! now I'm making ME crazy!!