maybe it's the damn weather.

all i want to do is eat & sleep
eat & sleep
drink wine
watch a movie
drink tea
i hate feeling this way, honestly. i want to turn on my space heater (i was just running my air conditioner last week, wtf?), wear fleecy things or denim skirts & tights, & sip on this mint hot chocolate i have in the cabinet. gah. somewhere in this early hibernation (or a winter test-run, i guess you could call it) i'm listening to nina simone, wondering if i'll ever sign up for crochet classes, drooling over new yarns, & generally getting ready to hole up in my apartment.

but i wanna move
i want a new place to live
i'm ready to start looking, even if my money isn't all there.
i need casserole dishes and real effing dishes for once (i've survived on plastic/ paper all this time, i dunno how) . . . i want a new tea kettle & some new legwear.

yeah, it's the weather. all of a sudden i'm like in needy broad mode. this has to stop, or be relieved by some massive financial contributions from viewers like you. *cheezin* thanks!

p.s. -- i would also like to add to the list of weather-change goodies the following items:

more brainchild radio/ dj brainchild podcasts
a cuddlejawn (if you have to ask, you must not know me)
lots and lots of tea
enough time to use my vegetarian soup cookbook (HELLO, vegan pho)
a nice, cozy birthday outing
lots & lots of tasty wine
peacock feathers
several pairs of dope sneakers (it's residual conditioning from elementary/ middle/ high school)
more vinyl
... did i mention a new apartment? yeah.

wish list fall '07. i hope i can make all of this happen.


PretaMulatta said...

manifest! and i think u should really register 4 some proper dishes, darling. even if u cant do an official 'registry', send out an email with a wish list 2 your friends, since u ARE going 2 b having a housewarming soon ;o)

hell, even ikea is better than plastic or paper! and SOOO much better on the enviroment. i wont mention how much better your food will taste. just TRUST me!

sugar rush said...

when you start listing, stuff starts coming. keep wishing...

(and ^ she's right. ikea has some cheap, sturdy stuff. pots & pans even. next time you can get a ride out, stock up)

oyadele said...

actually, someone i'm no longer in contact with gave me the CHEAPEST effing dollar store dishes (only enough for 2 ppl, can you believe THAT?) & about a month ago i threw them away because i remembered that i don't want the energy of ppl i don't deal with all up in my house. lol. that could be why i had so many stomach aches before. i was eating off cheap shit from a cheap person...