a hilarious chat w/ my mom

(& her homegirl) yielded a rather interesting response when i mentioned that a friend of mine thinks it's a good thing for her & her husband to split up for a while, if not permanently. i expressed that my girl was probably on the verge of killing dude in his sleep. & without missing a beat, mommy & ladonne gave the infamous international black woman response: MMMPH. that's no acronym, babies, that's the actual sound they made. that, like a clicking of the tongue, can say everything without actual words being used. that was an empathetic sentiment; mommy said, "note that i didn't say 'aww,' or encourage you to tell her to seek some help. she'll be aight. just tell her he isn't worth catching a court case."
that's my mom, folks.
dunno wtf i'd do without her.

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