i just had a great idea for a blog entry

when i was in the shower. something about how i'm realizing that people give academics & whomever else deemed as 'experts' all the power when it comes to discussing situations that they live every day.

on some, "how dare you question your doctor/ boss/ landlord/ the police/ anyone who's got a higher degree than you (or a degree period)?"

granted, i know absolutely nothing about being a dentist so i follow my dentist's instructions, but not without asking why or what certain procedures do.


i guess i'll go back to bed & pray that these thoughts come back asap.

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Dark Daughta said...

I totally agree. That impulse to give academics all the power in discussions is so endemic...and just to be clear, when I talk about academics I'm talking about people whose blogging identities, points of view and politics are defined by their treasured positions inside the ivory tower...I'm university educated, but I don't identify with the academy or think that the only people who have anything intelligent or original to say are academics. Actually, most of what they write is derivative of what they encounter on the streets which they water down and repackage in an academic format. They learn from experts and then undermine the expert status of everyday people, reinventing themselves as the folks in the know...with tenure.