dear andre 3000:

i know you said you were tired of rapping.
but, you have lain to waste every single song you've appeared on between the release of idlewild in 2006 & all your guest spots & class of 3000, vol. 1 album. do you think that maybe, just maybe i could get to see you on tour sometime up close & personal before i die? you don't have to do any big outkast tour. it could be you just showing up at a big boi / purple ribbon show. somethin. maybe the next time i catch an esthero show, you'll pop up. or something like that. i'm not asking for a whole lot, man. i swear. i just need to witness your gloriousness in person. i won't try to snatch you off the stage. i won't try to get backstage and get pregnant by you. i really won't. i just need you on stage while i'm screaming/ singing my head off. really. it won't hurt. i promise it won't. please.




Dark Daughta said...

Papi and I ran into him on the street a few years back. He was shooting a film maybe that one he did about the adoptive brothers. He was getting into a vehicle. We looked in the window as if to say: Is that you in there?

He sort of sunk down low in his seat as if to say: Please go away.

At which point we knocked on the glass and he rolled it down.

We said something to the effect of: Hey! We like your work!

He was like: Unh...okay...now can I go?

I guess even stars deserve their off time. :)

sparkle said...

i totally dig that. everyone wants their down time, that chance to just exist as so & so without the bells & whistles. he's more than welcome to it.

i just need to see the man in concert once before either of us should happen to transition. lol.

Dark Daughta said...