a bonus blog for today:

in the great tradition of my sexual caveat post from summer 2007, i am sharing w/ you something i swiped from my girl oyin's blog (it's private, so i can't link it). it's funny because it's true. ;)

if your grasp of the english language is rudimentary

(and if you don't know what rudimentary is and can't figure it out with the context clues...this prolly means you)

do not attempt to write erotic poetry

it is simply a poor choice

go with where your talents are...

impress her by adding up the tip in your head

build something

burn her a cd

do an interpretative dance

because a line like "i want to kiss in between your pelvic..."

or "i want to make love to your inner loins..."

*shaking my head*

these things will be shared with homegirls

and they will find their way into random blogs

don't let it be you, hear?

don't let it be you...


Dark Daughta said...

I keep hoping that someone will check this post. :)

PretaMulatta said...


AJ said...

Loins is a word that should only be used when writing recipes. It's just not sexy.

jb said...

down with the punani poets and sploshers for that matter

Dark Daughta said...

Yes! Down with the punani poets, whoever they are, and definitely with sploshers! They suck! ;)

Sorry, I just couldn't resist cuz it seemed such fun!

sugar rush said...

hot damn, DD...

but yeah. um. "make love to your inner loins"?

nah. never that. ha.