i love me some damn leg warmers.

i mean, like . . . they are so effing great! & in the winter when i feel like rocking a skirt, they save my calves every time. behold:

(those are also my favorite sneakers. pink & black tweed nike blazers)

the purple ones i LOVE, too:

don't hate. it's futile.


AJ said...

You know I'm all about the legwarmers...and the tweed shoes are hot.

Dark Daughta said...

I have one pair of legwarmers. Want many more. They're cool but also so practical as you've pointed out.

This is my second visit to this fashion trend as I was an early teenager the first time they came around. Flashdance and Fame, anyone? :)

sparkle said...

i didn't have enough pairs when they were popular before. aside from their fashion appeal, these things really do what they're supposed to. my legs don't get cold when i'm in dresses or skirts. yay!