it's getting hard to feel safe here.

i don't feel comfortable going about my daily routine as if things aren't shattering, shifting, & changing all around me. i don't fear the violence in philadelphia any more or less than i did before -- it's always been raw here -- but what i mean is that i'm not comfortable. there are rumblings & foreshadowings, all of which tell me not to seek comfort or shelter. i feel like a lot of things are about to be flipped. at work, at home, all around me. shit's just changing. then there's the whole mercury retrograde business. well, let's see how it all goes down, shall we?

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Dark Daughta said...

I've been having those feelings since before 9/11. I think this is another reason why I blog. I'm trying to make connections in all sorts of unlikely places. Things are changing. Things are not going to be the same. I understand what you're saying about everyday violence and unrest but there are more profound changes that we're witnessing that are eventually going to have an impact on our day to day. Yes, mercury retrograde is a factor, but it will effect not just individually, but also the world around us. I guess we'll see. Che sera, sera.