if you identify as pro-life

(link not for the squeamish at ALL)

if you call yourself against abortions
whatever you wanna call it
make sure you're as mad about this mess as you are terminations of pregnancies.

and make sure you protest all the people who you think are involved or make it possible
be extra sure to show them pictures of what they've done wrong, too. okay? okay. thanks.

(link via darkdaughta)


AlteredThought said...

Thanks for that entry...we need to talk this up for sure...peace!

will write for food said...

can you give me the jist of this. cause i'm squeamish

creatrix said...

yeah i saw this a couple of years ago. horrific.

reminds me of all the agent orange mess or whatever experiment du jour is looming over the folks in the military and whatever group we're occupying at any given time.