yes, dammit

i love this freaking video.


Dark Daughta said...

The first time I saw it I was in hysterics! I was practically rolling on the ground I was laughing so hard. I especially liked the critique leveled at light skinned skinny wimmin who think they're cute and have bad attitude. Yeah, roses smell like poo-poo-poo. :) Too bad it wasn't a song done by a dark skinned woman, like the one who came out of the bathroom at the beginning of the video waving her nose cuz their bad attitude smelled so stank. I love the video and the song, just have a hard time getting past men talking about desire and sexual attraction. It's an uncomfortable place for me. I appreciated the way they represented many different kinds of Black masculinity. I liked the geek boys o the stage who were almost flaming better than the boys who bust into the gym - the speaker box boys. They were too overtly masculine (read: taking up too much space, manifesting as slightly dangerous, booming voices)...oops, baby is crying. Gotta run.

sparkle said...

speaking men's sexual attraction & discomfort, i definitely experienced something like that yesterday. see, i was talking with a coworker who has locks and telling him about my line of body/ bath products (i wanted to sell him some hair oil) and he said some sideways, unseemly flirty shit. i was like, "yeah, okay. go 'head, man." cuz i didn't want to scream on him. i felt a scream coming, though. i think i've lost my fight or flight mechanism to the conditioning of polite society. cuz i really wanted him to know that since i told him before that i don't date men old enough to be my daddy, that he needed to back the fuck up.

dd, how do i DO it? like . . . how do i get the point across without going banshee unnecessarily?

i feel crazy when i don't open up, but just as crazy when i do.
i need to find that balance.

creatrix said...

can i just roll up on andre somewhere and, like, molest him? please? lmao.

this video was nuts. reminds me that people who think middle & high school were "cool" were developmentally off some kinda way. lol. both of those periods were HELL for me & most folks i know.

i think i learned as a teenager how to be comfortably uncomfortable with that attraction phenom. but that's a whole other blog/journal entry...probably one worth working on, given this bit of unintentional inspiration.

peace, y'all

sweetness said...

like to hear it, here it go: