i'm trying not to be a spoiled brat

but i don't genuinely know what "spoiled" is.
i deserve all of this.
the money, the praise, the relationships, the food, the wine . . . i've never once felt like i didn't deserve it. this is not to be confused w/ any sense of entitlement.
i work, i receive the fruits of my labor, and that's it. i have earned it all & i deserve it all.
i'm not able to apologize for it
i'm not willing to apologize for it
& i'm not going to.


When She Wants Plenty, She Gets Plenty... said...

GIRL PLEASE!!! be as "spoiled" as you possibly CAN be!

tho to spoil implies that something is ruined...being celebrated can ONLY enhance you!

Anonymous said...

if somebody wants to let you think that you're undeserving of anything you have, maybe they're undeserving of your presence. folks want to cut down what they wish they had, and all the wishing isn't helping them out, so remove your goodness from their stank ass.

creatrix said...


i love how short & sweet this is. well said.

...lmao @ "remove your goodness from their stank ass", diva.