on a night like this

fall is whispering to me. soon, i'll have a birthday, & soon there'll be no reason to wear linen. i'll have to save mis chanclas for trips downstairs to get mail or let the pizza man in. favorite hoodies & jackets will be assessed for wearability & possibly replaced with new favorites. shawls, shawls, shawls, SHAWLS! trips to gary's on 49th for pedicures will become more & more infrequent; massive cups of tea will increase in number so i can take the chill off. i can finally fry the chicken heath & i were talking about, & perhaps i'll perfect my vegan/ soy free/ casein free/ gluten free "mac & cheese." my spontaneous trips to nyc will wane. it'll be turkey day before i know it, & i'll be yet again calling karas to tell her that i've been walking around w/ a mini bottle of grand mariner in my apron pocket to deal w/ the fuckery of unwanted company. & the pre-christmas shopping will begin as soon as the last trick-or-treating wraps up.

it's coming, most undoubtedly.

let's just hope i can feel this romantic about my least-favorite season, winter.


PretaMulatta said...

4 the fact that u can have pizza delivered in your neighborhood (another reason 2 detest where i live).
4 the fact that i've been fantasizing about 3 days marinated fried chicken, cooked in SHORTENING!!!
4 the fact that i'm actually looking FORWARD 2 autumn.

(like a damn fool)

ms. bliss honeycomb said...


this time of year always gets me down because i know fall is coming...

it seems like i can hardly stand anything except spring or summer. i never need to see snow again. lol.

but...maybe this year will be different. MAYBE.

AlteredThought said...

dude...i love this time of year...winter...fall..getting cold..gettin' fly in my sweaters and cords...my skin losing it's supple brown but giving way to my indian red tones...I LOVE IT