well, now.

atlanta tagged me. here goes.

10 years ago: about to turn 18. watching my summer waste away into nothingness. poor again. looking fwd to the escape of college. dreaming of what life would be like if i stuck to my script.

5 things on today's to-do list:
1. figure out wtf to wear to work tomorrow
2. eat at least one of these peaches
3. call that sexy malian, see if i can add him to the team
4. put some more stuff on my manifestation list
5. find my flippin checkbook

snacks i enjoy:
fresh fruit, especially a peach or a champagne mango
pita chips from whole foods. totally not good for me, but tasty as hell. with black bean dip or hummus.

things i would do if i were a millionaire:
pay off my debt
give my mom and sisters money for their debts
pay rent on this apartment 3 years in advance
donate to my favorite places/ charities
travel, travel, travel
shop, shop, shop
invest, invest, invest

5 places i've lived (why is this the most inane subject 2 be tagged with?): this apartment. the old apartment. the apartment on master street. my mom's. manhattanville.

1 comment:

PretaMulatta said...

girl, u have MORE men than i have strands of hair. everywhere i turn, there's another one... hee hee!

i'm with u on travel, travel, travel,
shop, shop, shop
invest, invest, invest.

u're my idol.