revisiting privilege.

i posted that list because it was important that i share with those of you who read (or may stumble upon) this blog. i feel that it's important to share the feelings/ thoughts of more pro-feminist / pro-woman/ men, especially non-white men.

it's a good start.
i'll be picking it all apart at some point, and re-posting with my own notes. there's a lot to digest. some of the privileges listed trigger me strongly.

i'm glad to know someone's at least trying to break this mess down, even if it is brick by brick.


Anonymous said...

what's so interesting about that list is that if you take the word "black" out of the title, you'd still have an accurate representation of the male privilege that exists.

thanks to a NY Times article that included a bit about female prison inmates, my students and i talked about gender roles in society. when i asked what the role of women in society is, i got the following: "they cook and clean for you...make the babies..."

and then there's other, under the breath, comments about dick sucking, bending over, etc. at which point i lost my shit. it went something like this: "oh. so is that what you assume i do? like when i'm not here, that's what i'm good for?" i don't know what came over me. i didn't raise my voice, but damned if i wasn't ready for a fight. if i do nothing else right in my career, i want them to know that regardless of the laughs that the girls gave them, that shit isn't cute, funny, or tolerable.

sparkle said...

bless you for doing that. too many of us are bystanders; not enough of us are standing up or saying no and meaning it.