year-end random stuff:

didn't have any mind blowing sex in 2008. that trend will not follow me into 2009.

made some power moves to reclaim my body. gonna keep at it.

got a nose piercing & love it. one time for body adornment!

remembering that sometimes you have to let ppl think they're the bigger btwn you two, just to save your sanity.

realizing (again) that silence is no safer than speaking up in most situations.

lost a wallet (don't i do that every year?)

got a new apartment

almost cursed my mom out for being ignorant, which felt great (i turned it into a no-cuss-word explanation in a calm tone)

made some wonderful new friends

got hooked on twitter

fell all the way in love w/ peach bacardi

stopped believing in the myth of "he'll catch up to me"

learned that womanism can involve heterosexual men of color

realized that i'm a damn good dancer

took some artfully smutty pics of myself & loved them

took some regularly smutty pics of myself & loved (and shared!) them

accumulated some crushes

had a dream interaction w/ someone very special & gave thanks for it

came to the conclusion that the holiday season is, for me, better suited for reflection & remembrance

vowed to put the activity back into my activism

& most importantly

made a lot of good sangria.

here's to next year.


ms. bliss honeycomb said...

*raises glass*

09 rhymes with fine. i think that's a good way to think about it. ha.

Anonymous said...

i'm with you on the mind-blowing sex, girl. can't wait to see you! two weeks and counting!

cripchick said...

i'm adding "visit dopegirlfresh" to my 2009 list.

i want to see those smutty pics, damnit!

happy new year, love. you are mind-blowing all get out amazing.

Anonymous said...

here's to good sangria!

Fab Fierce Femme said...

YAY ::cheers to you luv::

and I'm with cripchick wanna see the pix...LOL