this whole process is, indeed, addictive. permanent adornment is kinda fantastic.


Dark Daughta said...

Congratulations. Are you an addict? To tattoos, that is. I have two and I crave more. Surviving that sensation was like some sort of rite of passage. Once I knew I could survive it and have the evidence of it after the fact, I ended up wanting more body art. Piercings too. :)

sparkle said...

yes, dd. slowly becoming an addict. however, that particular tat didn't turn out well at ALL. the tattoo artist went too deep, and now it looks like a star-shaped burn wound. i don't know if it can be retouched after some time passes, but i'll see about it after i finish being mad.

i think i'm getting my other nipple pierced, and i want a trail of stars along my shoulder somewhere . . .