not sure how to say it

so i suppose it'd be best for me to just let it out:

struggle is relative. pain is relative. you can't ever discredit someone else's sentiments based on your world view. it's inaccurate, it's unfair, & essentially the same thing as telling them that they don't matter. you never know what's brought another person (or a group of ppl) to a certain point, nor can you ever fully know what's gonna happen as they press forward.

"just cuz i'm doin' better now/ don't mean i never lost shit" -- black thought, "clock with no hands"

i'll probably come back to this post later. but i've touched on this before, this hungry, hateful way in which humans destroy (or attempt to) one another. it's almost like we get so wrapped up in our pain/ drama/ bullshit that other folks' tiniest advances are like an affront to us. at least, it seems that way. maybe i'm being more sensitive than i usually am, but it's true. *shrug*


. said...

if you only knew.

Dark Daughta said...

What happened? Did someone say/write something hurtful to you?

sparkle said...

yeah, dd. someone did say something out of the way to me, & i processed it as basically hateful for no (good) reason (to me). i'm feeling better about it now, but i'm not finished writing about it.

thank you so much for inquiring. you're a sweetheart, even if you aren't a nice blogger.;)

karas, we'll talk abt this whenever you have a minute & a mug in need of tea. lord.

Dark Daughta said...

Honestly? You seem like a big sweetheart, too. That's why I was worried about what had happened. Enjoy your cup of tea, you two. :)

creatrix said...


don't let nobody rain on yo' parade.