my new online obsession

(aside from a seriously nasty e-shopping habit)

is black (or 'urban') celebrity gossip sites. the biting commentary is so entertaining to me. like, yeah i could be using the net as a tool to further my life (give it up one time for idealist.org), but no! i'm fuckin around on youtube & reading some of the absolute funniest (& meanest) tales of the tragically famous.

my picks:

crunk & disorderly

the fury

young black & fabulous

. . . that's all you really need. i'll probably have 549 new sites to love by this time next month. but i'm starting off small. lol.

1 comment:

tia said...

i love crunk & disorderly. the comments are funnier than the actual posts most times. and i find myself using freshisms in my daily speak. the other day i asked my sis "why must i cry?" and i call rihanna pon di forehead.