my new e-crush

is heather armstrong, of dooce.com. she is hilarious & sounds like someone i'd love to sit down and talk shit with over a cup of something intoxicating. i found the link on atlanta's blog. i giggled heartily at heather's biography & find her writing style to be overall enjoyable. cute. snarky. not unlike myself.

i was gonna spend some time bitching about how my whole outfit today (minus the undies) is from damn old navy. because there's one right near my job & they have the ill clearance rack AND plus-sized clothes that don't look supercheap, matronly, or otherwise bad on me. even though their shit is cut funny, i have a good time overall w/ my sweatshop threads from that place. then i was gonna start bitching about how they're moving all the plus-sized clothes to the online store and no longer carrying them shits in-store. that is depressing, insulting, and hella inconvenient. i can't tool about in the internet on my lunch break. i can't try on clothes when i'm bored via my laptop. BOO, old navy. shame on you. this is worse than when h&m got rid of their plus clothes and acted like broads weren't buying the shit. *sigh*
it doesn't matter cuz btwn the IBS & my possible gluten sensitivity, i'm finna be on kelly price status: i'll drop crazy weight & then the only thing still huge on me will be my arse. lol.

anyway, i gotta go to work.

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