r. kelly needs to be stopped.

i've heard two songs from his latest album, and i can honestly say that he is completely out of his gourd. the marvin gaye comparisons should have stopped a long time ago, & i venture to say that double up is evidence of that. i can almost guarantee that marvin never would have had monkey or elephant noises in the background of any of his songs . . . & never woulda called himself a sexosaurus. this is just preposterous. there should be no accolades for this shit. it's absolute trash. i feel like i'm the only one who realizes that the emperor is ass naked.

fuck it. i'll be that one person who knows what the deal is. because there is no good reason for anyone to enjoy "real talk," as it is an exercise in foolishness.

i refuse to look for mp3s or lyrics. do you, reader. look up the lyrics to "the zoo" & tell me something isn't wrong w/ how that man's mind works.
at any rate
that shit is sickening.

& it's 330 in the morning. i gotta go back to sleep.

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