there's a new celebrity gossip site for me to drool over:

it's called what would tyler durden do?
if you haven't yet seen fight club then you probably have zero understanding of the hilarity of this site's name. it's nearly as dope to me as my regular trash blogs, but it's named after one of the best films in history. love that. what a fresh lil blog!

speaking of fresh, i found this tripe on crunk + disorderly. TERRIBLE. just plain horrible. claims of being a "natural beauty" aside, khia appears to be borderline illiterate & i think maybe she's got, to quote one of my favorite movies, that nasty women's disease. i won't even waste my time linking to her video(s). no way, man. i think i have a tapeworm from even looking at the mess. lol.


i'm out this wknd,
updates monday!

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sugar rush said...


yeah i saw a photo spread a couple months ago...she's draped in rasta colors with half her ass out.


...her locs are pretty tho. lol.