so i finally got some big ass sunglasses.


that meant i had to play around w/ the camera phone. y'all know me.

^ wasting my life force, waiting for the a train after brunch w/ atlanta

my hair was on its own that morning. lmao. but the glasses are fly to me. forever 21 is really the spot. ;)


Dark Daughta said...

I like the sunglasses and the - "I don't give a fuck" attitude of the hair. :)

oyadele said...

my hair has definitely been doing whatever it's wanted to do. since i cut my locks last summer, it's been an interesting thing, this once-every-four-months blowdrying. my hair is as fortuitous & gangsta as it's ever been.

i need more shades like these. who doesn't want giant ass sunglasses?

Dark Daughta said...

I've been trying to figure out what to do with my locks next. Right now they're a lovely shade of salt and pepper...about two inches worth, merging into various shades of gold, yellow and cream. Gotta figure that out...soon. :)