a very random question has come to me

in regard to sex:

if i have one pinky up in the air when i grab the dick, does that mean i'm bourgeois?

feel free to answer me in the comments.


AJ said...

No, because the truly bourgeois don't hold their pinkies out...I think that's more proletariat, or possibly petite/petty bourgeois?

Marxist theory aside, I think it's more halfhearted than anything. Like, why not just grab it with all your fingers? Go big or go home...words to live by.

sweetness said...

i don't know WHAT that means. lmao.

rattler said...

erm, I think it depends on how you hold it and how you look at it...

if you have a moue of distaste on your face (regardless of whether you like it or not) that may mean you are ...bourgeois

hmmmm, or maybe WASP-ish

insert "silent gasping moan with rocking back and forth" here- referencing V Monologues

Troy said...

sounds like you were checking dude for spots.

oyadele said...

i love the fact that all of you have responded. lmao!