okay. i think i found the right ones.

the right shoes.
i need the right dress/ skirt & top combo.

behold the greatness:

they aren't cheap. they aren't crazy expensive, either. they're definitely my idea of a conversation piece . . . cuz heaven knows my ass doesn't plan to go very far in them. heh.

i suppose that if you're gonna do fuckme pumps, you'd best be doing it all the way. i am. i will. in black and in red patent.


Dark Daughta said...

Papi showed me an article in O magazine where Oprah talks about some parts of her shoe collection and which ones she can wear for one minute, for fifteen minutes, after work when no one is looking, while sitting and only while sitting... :)

You're right, these are gorgeous and quite the conversation piece. I wouldn't be able to hobble too far in them, though. ;)

sparkle said...

yeah... the issue for me is that my thighs are very social w/ one another. that might hamper my walking unless i had on a catsuit.

note to self: buy a catsuit. issue resolved! ha.

slb said...

those are hot. really hot.

tia said...

you might be getting ganked for these. and they're wedges too? that means i can walk not limp.