there is no fancy way to say it:

i'm tired of feeling like i'm fellating someone w/ really stinky balls for a living. that's what my day job is like. i keep reminding myself of the goals & the deadline i gave myself -- one i'm sticking to w/ no trouble -- but damn, it's hard to keep at it.

(i'll finish my first post abt the new mayor as soon as i figure out how to make a meal out of frozen veggies, red bliss potatoes, veggie broth, & every seasoning in my cabinets... without washing the dishes first.)


Dark Daughta said...

Oh, that's just plain depressing. Really fellating someone can be a little annoying at the best of times...all that bobbing and gagging. :) Combined with the shveaty, shtinky ballz of a dominator in a work setting, that's downright intolerable. I'm so sorry.

sparkle said...

i knew you'd get it! :D

Dark Daughta said...

So, what do you think of my conversation with Julian? Wanna come over and play?