b. scott is the shit.

i love b. scott to pieces! he makes me smile on the inside.

on a run-in with a squirrel:

on the LAX ho-stroll:

on sherri shepherd's dumb ass:


AlteredThought said...

That was too much for me, man.

sparkle said...

he's mad extra. but seeing his humanity first is really key. he's one of those ppl who reminds me of myself. the expressive ways in which he tells his anecdotes is wonderful to me. he's unafraid to be his badass self. how many ppl can you say that about?

AlteredThought said...

OK..so i watched again...and I do realize at the very least, beyond his flamboyance, he's very real. I can appreciate that...and I actually do. You know I'm hardly "phobic".

creatrix said...

i can't get over how beautiful he is...LOL.