i've been tagged

by this hooker to do a meme where i list 6 quirks about myself. well . . . okay. i'm not tagging anyone.

1) i have the hardest time sleeping with the tv on, though sleeping with music playing is fine.

2) i read magazines from back to front, then read them from front to back.

3) i hate soda, with the exception of good shit like stewart's sodas, the occasional IBC cream soda, & whatever italian sodas i can get my hands on at random cafes.

4) i think being lauded and praised for even the smallest things can make my day go better.

5) i'm really expressive because i want to make sure ppl remember wtf i'm telling them.

6) i hate slow readers. HATE. i don't share print media w/ ppl because i get sick of waiting for them to finish.

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sweetness said...

i cannot STAND to sleep with a tv on. drives me nuts. but my mother does it all the time. makes me cringe. lol.