i'm tired of this shit.

myopia is a disease. it can be a blessing and simultaneously a curse, if you will. i don't mean what my eyes can do (i'm a prime candidate for corrective eye surgery, actually). i'm talking about worldview perspective, or the lack thereof. i'm still here with mine. i'm not sure there are too many other ways to say it. i believe that love must fuel change. when i change myself, it is out of love -- i cast away old things. i cast away negativity. i cast away damaging things to improve myself. to me, change outside of ourselves should be fueled by the same feelings of love. there is no other way. what could be greater than love?

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AlteredThought said...

what could be greater than love?

word is bond.

my latest blog entry made me realize that if i don't change, as you said, i'm not dealing with love in all the ways i've claimed to have in my past lives.

so i THANK YOU for this...i needed this, sister. and today? i smile because of you and your friendship!