shine on!

dope girl fresh has been featured on the ultraviolet underground blog.

altered thought's silly ass is back at it. this time, he wants you to learn the basics of having relations.

laetiçia has learned the glory of bragging, a valuable lesson learned from mama gena.

falsabaiana's kids won the GOLD in their ballroom competition. (girl, gimme a link to read if there is one) she's also a recent birthday girl! yaaaaaaaaay!

this is my time to celebrate ppl i know/ love (especially myself! lol) & the wonderful things they do/ create, no matter how big or small.


AlteredThought said...

Oh it's really about to be on. The blog is going to be started up.

I'm gonna take it to Wordpress, though. I need help with a title...so help me out, peeps!

PretaMulatta said...

bless u. no link 4 the win, AND i lost the pics on my computer, but there will be more winners 2 come if i have ANYTHING 2 do with it.

thank u girl. thank u 4 celebrating me.

look out 4 my order. my skin NEEDS it!

sweetness said...

word??!??! re: atlanta...that's great!

and props for getting your friends to brag, too. *grin*.