i couldn't wait

to get here. that must be why i came early. and i know that, from the very start, you've held my hand. no matter how wrong i was, without regard to my stubbornness, you never let go. i appreciate that. i don't know one word to sum it up. i've drifted, come back, drifted again but deep down i always knew you were anchoring me. i'm thankful.

you taught me
how to politely tell someone that i don't cosign their foolishness
what it is to make a dollar out of 15 cents
how to be sharp as a tack on a really low budget
how to make a wreath out of trash bags
what the last laugh really is
how to be a maverick
when to walk away
that faith without work is dead
what forgiveness is without forgetting
how to say goodbye to someone you love
the difference between forward movement and running away
how to love myself regardless of what other people think
that crafting a gift can be better than a store-bought item
discipline for the sake of something i want
how to share without giving myself away

when i was a little girl, i wanted to be you because you exemplified composure and class. your hair, your choice of clothes and jewelry . . . i even used to sneak your cigarette butts because i wanted to know what it'd feel like to be you. i don't know if you ever knew that. but i wanted to be just like you when i grew up. i can only hope that i can capture and utilize a fraction of your uniqueness. the way you move through the world is miraculous to me -- some days i don't think i have the grace or patience. but then i remember whose daughter i am, and i have to correct myself.

i don't really know if i'll ever be able to articulate how much taller i stand because you've helped me and been there and said 'okay' even when i wasn't sure of myself.
thank you.
every day should be your day, but i'm just making sure i take the time to speak on how i feel.
i admire, respect, thank and love you. happy mother's day, mommy!

this is a copy of the email i sent my mom. all the manicures, pedicures and jars of honey-roasted peanut butter won't ever do it.


AlteredThought said...

Hugs for all the mothers that were, the mothers that are, and the mothers that will be.


creatrix said...

awww...that's great. :-)